as I sit and look around my apartment as the sun beams throughout this place, i get that warm fuzzy feeling of being home.  i love this place so much & can’t BELIEVE i am moving out in 10 days. it makes me wonder what my grama’s place was like? did she look around her flat before she moved and think… “i’m sure gonna miss this place when i move to Canada”? did she reflect on a chapter ending & a new one beginning? was she excited? scared? ready as ever to take a leap of faith…believing in love like never before?

i’ve been here for 2 years. 2 years of magic. i moved in single & alone for the first time in almost 10 years. this apartment was a HUGE chapter in my life. i discovered so much about who i am, who i want to be & who i’m not. i discovered a life changing institute that has not only left me with an idea of what kind of career i want, but what kind of life i want to live. i traveled. i experienced personal growth. i went out on the town & danced my little heart out. i stayed home alone on friday & saturday nights….and danced my little heart out. i managed to live 2 years without a tv or microwave (no strong opinion on that, just never got around to buying them). walked the beautiful detroit river many many times. stared out the window at my view pretending it was New York City. discovered my love for photography and dove into cb² – captured by carly butler.
practiced gratitude. met my love.

i am about to leave this amazing place. close the chapter in my life…to begin the next. i was having a conversation with a very dear friend the other day about places. about what different places do for different people at different times in their lives. i think back to my childhood home. my parents haven’t moved since i was born. that house built me (like this song) and will forever hold a special place in my heart. then i think of my time in university, my first time away from home. i think of Korea.  a time in my life that was full of adventure & travel.  and this place: my 2 years of self-discovery and self-realization that i want to commit to a life of this.  lifelong growth.  i want to always be learning, taking risks & trying new things.  creating every day, loving with my whole heart & having the courage to live my dreams.


what places in your life story have had a lasting impact on you? how has that certain place shaped you into the person you are today?