June 30th, 2013

Dear Grama,

Just a quick postcard to tell you what a lovely time I’ve been having in the enchanting city of Paris.  I’ve spent time wandering the book & art stalls along the Seine stealing glances at Notre Dame in between.  I’ve spent an afternoon at cafes with colourful canopies & outward facing seats so the patrons can watch the world go by.  I’ve wandered uphill to Montmarte taking in the picturesque rod-iron terraces lined with wooden shutters & flower boxes. The historical beauty of Paris is incredible and I’ve been officially swept off my feet by the love & romance that radiates from this city.

I was also sure to visit the one and only – Eiffel Tower – that literally made me jump up & down with excitement when it came into sight.  As we climbed up to get the best view of the breathtaking structure, I once again lined myself up to the exact place that you stood many years before.  I thought of the beauty of that moment.  This was at a time that you & Papa had been reunited for many years, it was a trip you two did with a group of war-brides that you travelled the world with, and it was just a teeny, tiny glimpse of your happily every after.  

It fills me with love, hope &  gratitude.  

With a granddaughter’s love & admiration,